Waked Jayyousi - Owner

Waked took over the business in early 2017 and has great plans to develop Modern Air...

He started his flying career in the early eighties as an instructor at Bourn RFC and Marshalls. He also helped out Derick as an instructor/examiner in the early days of Modern Air.

Waked has held an ATPL since 1986 and has over 14,000 hours to his credit, flying business jets worldwide. He is now planning to spend more time being involved with Light Aircraft which has always been his passion.

Christine Bouma

Christine helped start Modern Air and has held PPL/Multi/IMC/Night licences although for now just keeps her SEP Class Rating current. She has flown into snow covered runways, transited the Rhone valley more times than she can remember and formed long, deep and meaningful relationships with air traffic controllers throughout Europe.

Christine also holds a Ground RTF Licence and can give basic air/ground information ie runway in use and radio check.

She is now providing essential IT support and bringing glamour into the office...!

Sandra Jayyousi

Sandra, working alongside Christine, may appear to be providing Admin support and keeping the accounts in order, but in fact between the two of them, they are running the show! She is currently working on obtaining her Radio Licence and her PPL in the near future.

Richard Francis

Richard started flying gliders from the age of 12 and powered aircraft from age 16. He holds  CPL/IR/Multi/ Flight Instructor licences and has around 7000 flying hours.

He has worked at Bourn, Duxford, Rougham, Sandy and Gransden Lodge and is also a RT instructor.

He has a passion for cream cakes and wine!

Martin Cavinder

Martin started his aircraft engineering career at Bourn RFC in 1982 and then worked for Colton Aviation at Little Staughton, finally taking over the business when Fred Latiffe retired. He ran this until being persuaded to join Modern Air.

He introduced several very useful contacts who provide us with 'oversight' for engineering and subsequently enabled us to pass our CAA Audit with 'Nil Findings', a record which we have maintained for several years.

Martin enjoys working alongside Kevin (when he is not relaxing on one of the Greek Islands) adding to the maintenance skills needed to keep our fleet in tip-top condition.

Derick Gunning

Derick is Instructor and Examiner qualified and will be concentrating on Revalidation and Renewals of PPL SEP/MEP Class Ratings and the IR(R) Training and Examining. He has 9,500hrs fixed wing experience, mainly in Piper Aircraft since gaining his PPL in Dallas Texas 1981 and subsequently gaining UK CPL/IR in 1986.

After a brief spell instructing at Panshangar in 1988 he started 'Modern Air' at Fowlmere with one Piper Arrow aircraft (G-BONC).

From 1992 to 2002 Derick taught over 50 students through PPL and subsequently a similar number of IMC Ratings to date and continues to Examine Multi/IRR and PPL SEP/MEP Class Ratings. Derick remains available for Revalidations/Renewals and Checkrides on all fleet aircraft (except the Cirrus).

Derick is an enthusiastic cruising sailor and offers instructional trips to Benodet at the mouth of the river Odet on the Finistere coastline of Brittany where he keeps a small yacht.

Gary Thomas - Refuelling & Logistics

Gary spent many years working for ARC at Duxford and is very knowledgeable about WWII aircraft.

He provides refuelling support and assists with aircraft movements/refuelling at weekends.