Airfield information for Fowlmere (EGMA)

Fowlmere still retains its ICAO registration - EGMA - but it is not a licenced field so does not have an ATZ shown on the charts. It is very close to Duxford (EGSU) and their ATZ passes through our site - so take care.

The airfield requires PPR so do please call through on 01763 208281 or email to get your briefing.

Arriving at Fowlmere:

Having obtained PPR, the procedure when approaching the airfield is to first call Duxford on 122.080 to declare your intention to land at Folwmere. They will give you airfield information for Duxford and may be able to pass on any specifics for Fowlmere. As you approach Fowlmere, sign off from Duxford and call Fowlmere onĀ 135.705.

We do have an allocated 8.33 radio channel, 135.705 but this is not always manned, so be prepared to make blind calls.

Circuits are always to the North. For runway 25 use a right-hand circuit and for 07 use a left-hand circuit.

Note that we are bordered to the North West by an RSPB sanctuary which you must not overfly in any circuit, so go wide and pass between Melbourn and Meldreth, keeping clear of built up areas as best you can.

Make sure that you call "downwind" and "final" to ensure anyone else in the area knows of your situation.

Departing Fowlmere

Make radio check and taxi calls on 135.705 even if they are not answered.

A departure on runway 25 is straight forward. Execute run-ups at point Bravo, on taxiway just before entry to runway. When ready and having checked that there are no incoming aircraft, backtrack the runway to point Charlie. A final check to make sure all is clear, then enter runway and proceed with take off. Climb straight ahead but do not overfly Royston itself, best to pass to the North.

A departure on runway 07 needs coordination with Duxford as you will be taking off straight into their ATZ. Proceed as usual to taxi to point Bravo, on taxiway just before entry to runway. Before entering runway, change to Duxford on 122.080 and state your intention to lift off from Folwmere from runway 07. Note that you should always plan to turn left on climbout to take you away from Duxford's ATZ. Once Duxford have passed across their information you can then backtrack 07 and execute the take-off and left turn out. Note that communication with Duxford from the 07 threshold can be difficult due to the sloping terrain, so get your messages through whilst at Bravo.

You can download a PDF of these procedures here.