The current aircraft on our fleet

We are proud that our aircraft are:

  • Well maintained
  • Well equipped
  • Prepared for your every flight
  • Re-fueled or topped up as required

The two Archer III aircraft we own and operate were all purchased brand new by past students and specified to comply with IFR requirements which prevailed at that time. Derick went to Vero Beach and was able to specify the aircraft which is why they all have similar specifications. The Archer III remains one of the best rental aircraft available for flights to European destinations providing comfort, safety and economical operating costs and we are privileged to be able to offer them for self-fly rental to suitably qualified clients. Come and see them for yourself.

In addition, we added a PA32-301 (Fixed Gear) Saratoga to the fleet in 2015 and then a Cessna 152 and a Duchess twin in 2018 to allow our members to expand their horizons...

G-JACS PA28-181 ARCHER III (1997)

Our first 'new' Piper aircraft. Purchased March 1997 by a member shortly after completing her PPL at Fowlmere. Ferried across the Atlantic during April 1997 with a 100usg ferry tank installed, G-JACS (registered N9287J at that time) arrived in Bournemouth after exactly 35hrs flight time from Vero Beach. One leg recorded as lasting 14.2hrs!

In March 2018 the avionics were upgraded so the fit now includes a Garmin GN650 Nav/Com/GPS along with a second 8.33 radio in the form of an KN165A. G-JACS is fitted with an S-TEC55 two axis auto-pilot and has separate switches for auto-pilot and electric trim on co-pilot's side. The aircraft also has a slaved compass system(HSI) and like all our Archers, Nav coupler from GPS, Dual altimeters, Mode 'S' transponder, 4-seat intercom, standby vacuum, vent fan, leather interior, life raft, 4 life vests, PLB, Handheld VHF with headset adapter, 2 headsets and a briefcase containing all documents necessary for 'foreign' flights including a 'freedom to circulate' customs authorisation.

G-JACS is quite distinctive in her 'Solar Yellow' paint scheme (repainted 2004 by Colton Aero-Spray) and has had a 'new' engine.

Note: The GPS in the GNS650 fitted is not suitable as Primary Navigation Aid as the database is not continuously updated. However, from March 2018 this aircraft is compliant for IFR flight into Class A,B or C airspace as it has radios capable of tuning in to 8.33kHz channels.
Current hire rate: £177/hr engine start to shutdown - Hobbs meter (£212.40 inc VAT)

G-KEMI - Archer III (1997)

G-KEMI arrived Dec 1998 having been flown across Atlantic and like G-DIXY and G-JACS was factory specified with leather trim, vent fan, electric trim and standby vacuum system and now fitted with GNS530 and GTX330 including 8.33 radio to make her compliant for flight in any airspace Worldwide. Purchased new by a flying club member, G-KEMI completes our fleet of Archer III aircraft with altitude hold auto-pilot and like all our aircraft a document file containing proof of VAT paid she is ready for any sortie.

Current hire rate: £177/hr engine start to shutdown - Hobbs meter (£212.40 inc VAT)

G-BVWZ PA32-301 (fixed gear) Saratoga (1989)

This 1989 PA32-301 (Fixed Gear) joined the rental fleet in 2015 and has recently been upgraded with Garmin GTN750 GPS/Nav/Com and KN64 DME which effectively makes the aircraft 'IFR Compliant'. With Slaved HSI, Stormscope, Standby Vacuum System and factory fitted Auto-pilot and Air Conditioning fitted, the aircraft makes an effective touring platform. She now has a new 'Custom' Interior, refurbished to a high standard. This aircraft has one of Lycoming's best engines and a proven airframe derived from the Cherokee Six.

In early 2015 we performed an extensive annual rectifying several issues including refurbishment and refitting of wheel spats which is an absolute 'must' for any Piper 'Fixed Gear'. Apart from aesthetically it ensures you have a fair chance of achieving 'book' performance.

Transition onto this aircraft from PA28 series really involves engine management & speed control, prop management (Constant speed unit) and being aware of loading parameters. No undercarriage issues to worry about! Being 1989 model electric flaps prevail and gives the aircraft a 'big' aircraft feel!

Expect to achieve approx 130KTS cruise but slightly better payload than retractable version. As usual this aircraft is equipped with Vests/Liferaft PLB, handheld VHF and properly documented including 'Freedom to Circulate' letter from HMRC.

Current hire rate: £252/hr airborne (£302.40 incl VAT)

G-CEZM - Cessna 152 (1982)

G-CEZM is a Cessna 152 that arrived with Modern Air in March 2018 in almost new condition with zero engine and prop hours Alt, pumps etc., and a new paint scheme.

This addition to our fleet allows us to once again provide ab-initio training.

Current hire rate: £135/hr engine start to shutdown - Hobbs meter (£162 incl VAT)

Dual rate: £170/hr - Hobbs meter (£204 inc VAT)

G-BIMZ BE-76 twin Beech Duchess 1979

This 1979 Beech BE76 Duchess is a four seater twin with L03 USG Tanks (100 USG Useable). With full tanks has a maximum theoretical Cabin Payload of 708lbs (Max Ramp weight 3915 lbs -Basic weight 2608 lbs- 100usg Fuel 600 lbs) and has in cruise averages 140 KTAS.

The Lycoming 0-360 A1G6D Engines fitted to the BE76 are, in our experience, very reliable. Quite astonishingly this BE76 aircraft had
not reached 700hrs by 2017 so in 38 years it remained with original engines and they were both comprehensively overhauled in 2018 and 'zeroed' by Norvic. This along with new Props, new Hubs and newly overhauled CSUs gives the aircraft a new lease of life.

Currently fitted with Garmin GNS430 (TSO-C129A) non-SBAS. The remaining Collins Avionics fitted include; COM/NAV 2(Includes 2nd Glideslope), DME,ADF(RBI), Audio Panel with Markers and an ‘Area Nav’. The HSI NSD360 incorporates the Nav 1 CDI and has a useful ‘Heading Bug’. The Century IV Auto-Pilot system has Altitude Hold and a coupler from the GNS430 enabling coupled ILS Approaches and works well. A 4 seat intercom and USB Port on co-pilot’s side panel complete the avionics fit. Note that as with any 40year old equipment it is essential to check serviceability prior to use however we strive to achieve ‘serviceable’ status and are intolerant to ‘defects’!

As usual this aircraft is equipped with Vests/Liferaft PLB, handheld VHF and properly documented including 'Freedom to Circulate' letter from HMRC.

Current hire rate: £360/hr airborne (£432 incl VAT)