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PPL/LPL Flight Training

Modern Air can offer ab-initio training with its Cessna 152 and also continuation training for PPL licence holders which can include revalidations and IRR and complex endorsements. Come and discuss your flying and how you may develop your horizons. Our instructors are happy to explain options for development or we can try teaming you up with another member for some flights with shared responsibilities.

Self-fly rental

We have a range of Piper aircraft for you to hire and these aircraft are in excellent condition, well equipped and prepared for your departure.

Look at the Aircraft page for a list of available aircraft.

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With a large hangar and  a fully trained service team we offer servicing, primarily for Piper, Cessna and Cirrus light aircraft but feel free to ask us about your requirements.

What else we provide?


During the year we issue newsletters to our members whenever there are a number of activities or announcements to be made.

Free coffee

Pop into the main office cabin for a chat with our admin staff who will be pleased to see you. If there is no one around, then in the far small room to you right your will find a coffee making machine. Please help yourself but leave things tidy!

Social & Fly-outs

From time to time, we arrange group fly-outs to various locations around the UK or across the channel. This provides an opportunity to share the flying, meet other club members and maintain or learn new skills.


Latest news

Pause in operation

We will be away from August 25th to September 5th inclusive. Unfortunately no aircraft will be available for Self – Fly Hire during this time, however dual flights with instructors may be available – kindly contact your instructor to make booking arrangements. All will be back to normal on Sunday 6th Sept.

Preventing infringements at Stansted

The latest Airspace Safety Update has been written by members of the Stansted Local Airspace Infringement Team (LAIT) and focuses on preventing airspace infringements in the vicinity of Stansted. The full set of hot-spot narratives can be found on the Local area information page on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website.

Visitors are welcome

As lockdown is relaxed, visitors are again welcome. Please call 01763 208281 for PPR. After landing please complete the visitors book as usual that will be found in the little hut marked with a ‘C’ next to the hangar door. Please leave landing fee in an envelope in the hut to avoid using the main […]

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